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Carey Ott and Frankie Hill of FON bring a concept and drive to amplify the voices on the fringe of the Nashville music scene, creating tracks with visionary artists across the Nashville musical spectrum.

Animated version of the single cover for "World Gone Crazy" featuring a blue cloudy circle with a planet in the middle.

new single out 2/16

Carey’s “World Gone Crazy” debuts the new format from Freaks of Nashville, featuring an Armageddonish ear worm hook, a Frankie sax solo second verse, and the song reprise as a stream of consciousness spoken word essay.

A silhouette of a man playing saxophone in front of a sunset.

the history

In 2018, the Freaks of Nashville collective rose from a group of working Nashville musicians inspired by the groove and political fire of live afrobeat. Combined with Carey’s thoughtful lyrics
and melodies, they secured a residency at the 5 Spot in East Nashville with DJ Jane Dupree, featuring drop-in guest singers, storytellers, and rappers. 2020 killed off the live band, but the vision lived on.

A blue hand holding a microphone against a black background.

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